Traditional Arts of the Altered Body
2010 TAAB conferences:

Lectures USA: Monday,  March 29 through Thursday, April 1, 2010, at Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, USA
Call for presenters TAAB USA: inquiries due January 30, presentations due March 15. Email  TAAB USA:

Lectures UK: Monday, May 31st through Thursday, June 4th, 2010 at Bear Steps Gallery, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, UK
Call for Presenters TAAB UK : inquiries due February 10,  presentations due May 10.  Email  TAAB UK:
Call for Presentations: 2010 Conferences
Applications encouraged  from Sociology, Psychology, Literature, History, Art, Theater, Medicine, Dance, Photography, Media, Fashion, Politics, Law, Geography, Anthropology, and Multi-Disciplinary Approaches
Ancient Body Arts:

Call for presentations on body arts prior to 500 CE: ancient tattooing, bone shaping, body shaping, body painting, henna, woading, piercing, scarification, and ornamentation
Yoga and Rangoli
Body Discipline:

Call for presentations on the aspects of managing the body through disciplines such as yoga and body building, purification and control
The Exotic Body:

Call for presentations  on the fascination with strange, distant, and imagined bodies, the Orientalized body, the consumption of the "other" body in tourism and fashion, and the politics of the "foreign" body
Jewelery   earrings Ornament:

Call for presentations on the the ornamented body, through the economic, historical, social, and other approaches

The Pierced, Cut and Scarred Body:

Call for presentations on  traditional and contemporary skin cutting and piercing  for beautification and punishment, affiliation and rebellion, pleasure and pain, through medical, legal, social, artistic and personal approaches
Body and Place  Scar
Henna and Hair  Hair:

Call for presentations  on dyeing, braiding, cutting, growing, shaving, and sculpting hair in history, religion, race, science and aesthetics
The Outlaw Body:

Call for presentations  on group-affiliated tattooing and markings: gang, prison, cult, and criminal identification:  authenticity versus globalization and popularization  
Henna   Henna:

Call for presentations  on history, traditions, politics, contemporary techniques, globalization and consumerism of a traditional art
The Gendered Body:
Call for presentations  on constucting the male body, the female body, and the infinite variations between these polarities.
Body and Place  Gender
   Paint  MouthThe Altered Face

Call for presentations  on managing  the face and expression through paint, cutting, tattooing, piercing, staining and surgical techniques: the normalized face, the racialized face, and the extreme or radical face
The Moving and Rhythmic Body

Call for presentations  on the dancing body: the divine body, the sexual body, the exotic body, the fashionable body, and the magical body
tattoo   Women's Tattooing

Call for presentations  on 
traditional women's tattooing in indigenous cultures, and contemporary women's tattooing in western culture.
The Altered Foot

Call for presentations on the shaped, bound, hobbled, fashionable, fetishized, normalized, and enabled foot.
The adorned foot  
The Freak BodyThe "Dangerous Other" Body:  The Freak, the Despicable, the Rebel, the Elegant Subversive, and the Carnival

Call for Papers on the theory of the Gaze through politics and medicine, and the history, sociology, literature, psychology and politics of Demanding the Gaze
Call For Papers!

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Call for presenters TAAB USA: inquiries due January 30, presentations due March 15.
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Lecture highlights from previous conferences:

 "Spot the Bride: and "Did I make it into the book?"

"Aftercare and the Delicate Art of saying No"

Scope and Methods

The Business of Henna

The Night of the Henna

Economic Geographies of PPD Black Henna

Keynote address "Body and Place"

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Recycled Bodies

Henna and "The Other"

Traditional Arts of the Altered BodyTraditional Arts of the Altered Body

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